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Tarek Nasser AlAkeel Co. was established in the year 1982. The company's primary goal has been to provide services and products to the clients of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with utmost sincerity, enhanced technical know-how, and in the most feasible manner.


Ever since the company's inception, the endeavors have been towards continuous improvement both inwards and outwards. Inwards with respect to technical knowledge about the products and the services we are offering to our clients, adding new and improved product range, etc. Outwards with respect to contributing to increased profits of the customers by reducing their input costs. 


In line with the company's Vision and objectives, the company has chosen its field of operation in the Maintenance and Repair field, in taking up turnkey projects for plant upgradation, optimization, or any shutdown job that the respective clients take up in their premises. 


In view of this, the company is known for its following divisions:

  • Contracting Divison
  • Products Division
  • Welding & Fabrication Division
  • Construction Machinery Division

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The company proudly possesses and efficiently offers the following. 

  • Full-fledged engineering and construction solutions
  • Modern technology machinery and layouts
  • State-of-the-art, well-equipped fabrication yards
  • The highly-skilled and experienced technical crew
  • Architectural and structural steel installation services
  • Project mobilization, planning & engineering services        



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