Crusher Impact Wall Assembly Upper Part

Contracting ID : CIW-001


Crusher Impact Wall Assembly Upper Part


The upper part of the Crusher Impact Wall Assembly plays a crucial role in impact crushers. Let’s delve into the details:

Rotor Tip Sets: These are essential components that impact the material being crushed. They are designed to maximize wear resistance and maintain efficient crushing performance.
Back-Up Tips: Positioned behind the rotor tips, these provide additional support and enhance the overall durability of the assembly.
Tip / Cavity Wear Plates: These plates protect the impact wall cavity from wear caused by the material’s impact. They ensure longevity and consistent performance.
Upper and Lower Wear Plates: These plates cover the upper and lower sections of the impact wall assembly. They withstand abrasion and maintain structural integrity.
Top and Bottom Lipped Wear Plates: These specialized plates have raised edges to prevent material spillage and enhance efficiency during crushing.
Feed Tube and Feed Eye Ring: The feed tube guides material into the impact chamber, while the feed eye ring ensures proper alignment and efficient feeding.
Trail Plates: Positioned along the impact wall, trail plates help guide the material flow and prevent excessive wear.
Retaining Bars: These bars secure the wear plates and prevent them from dislodging during operation.
Taper Locks: Used for assembly, taper locks ensure a secure fit between components.
Rotor Bosses: These robust components connect the rotor to the impact wall assembly, transmitting crushing forces effectively.
Remember that these parts are meticulously designed to withstand wear and impact, ensuring safe and sustainable operation of impact crushers.


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