Our portfolio is well defined & niche, at the same time we are flexible on the type of work that the company undertakes and is prepared to enter new markets and work with clients on new concepts.

Our recent portfolio falls into the following areas:


•             Steel Constructions: - Fabrication and erection of structures, Pipes, Process ducts, etc.

•             Total solutions to Process Industry. We undertake de- bottlenecking, avoidance of      

              repeated failures, enhancement of life/ reliability, productivity improvement ,etc.

•             Erection of rotary and static equipment.

•             Maintenance Support Jobs in Process industry.

•             Execution of projects, minor/ major.

•             Execution of major Repairs to Rotary Kilns, mills, Pre- heaters, grate coolers etc.

•             Replacement/ modification of Ball Mill internals.

•             Repair and reconditioning of components.

•             Emergency repairs to heavy components such as Kiln Tyres, Supporting roller, Roller

              press rolls, VRM Rollers etc.

•             Thermal spray coating for corrosion protection, wear protection, etc.