Distributor Since 1982

Metrode is particularly strong in those industries which require the highest integrity from their welding consumables, such as power generation, chemical and petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, and nuclear.

Product Range -

- Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes(MMA/SMAW)

- Solid & Cored Wires for Gas Shielded Welding (MIG/MAG/GMAW & FCAW),

- Solid wires for Tig Welding(TIG/GTAW)

- Wire Flux combinations for Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Categories - 

Low Alloy Steels

- Stainless Steels

High Temperature alloys

- Nickel Base Alloys

- Repair and maintenance

- Submerged arc welding fluxes

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