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What Is An Air Blaster ?
An Air Blaster is a contraption that facilitates bulk material handling in storage containers like silos and bins. It releases blasts of air to free trapped build-ups of material and forces them to flow. It provides the solution to the two common issues affecting containers like silos — rat holing and bridging. In bridging, material becomes wedged across the outlet and will not move, thereby blocking outflow. With rat holing, the central column of material collapses through the outlet, while materials remain stuck to the sides and do not flow. Air Blasters can blast away the build-up and allow the materials to flow smoothly again.

Blasting Away
Material Build-Up

Air Blasters are most useful in edged containers, wherein materials have the tendency to drift to the corners and get stuck. Acting almost like an explosive, the Air Blasters can blast the corners to loosen the material and force it through the outlet. This gets rid of the need for a technician to physically strike blows on the container, or enter it, to loosen out the material. This makes the working environment safer and more pleasant.


Basically, Air Blaster systems use strategically positioned compressors along the bulk material Flow Path, which blast compressed air in the right direction to prevent material build-up due to the various shapes that form within the material. The compressed air is usually stored in an air receiver, which maintains the air pressure at 6 to 7 Kgf/sq. cm.

This compressed air is fed to the point of discharge through a 100/ 150 mm opening through operation of pneumatically controlled valves. The instantaneous but controlled release of compressed air into the stored material is at a faster rate than the material can absorb.

Therefore, the material gets dislodged and flows on. Further, the nozzle installation is done in such a way that the air discharge is parallel to the surface, so that the reaction is not transmitted to the structure and is not detrimental to the process. The actuation of the Air Blaster can be done either manually or through Electronic Sequential Timer.


Material Build-Up

As the bulk material flows, via the different means, various shapes keep forming within it. While some facilitate its flow, others restrict and even choke it off. The common flow-shapes that impede the bulk material’s flow are named after their shapes and include Arching, Bridging, Funnelling and Rat-holing. These impediments, to smooth material flow, seriously affect cement & other process industries, as well as power industry the world over.


Flow related problems, such as coating or jamming, affect cement plants all over the world, especially in their high temperature parts like Cyclones, Feed Pipes, Riser Ducts, Smoke Chambers, kiln inlet and coolers. Similar problems are further complicated in areas like gypsum/ limestone hoppers and coal bunkers, where the temperature is normal but there is high moisture and fineness.
Materials stored in bulk quantities in bunkers, hoppers, bins and silos, face material build-up problems. Thermal power, steel, chemical & fertilizer plants, coal washeries, etc. face these jammings often, which adversely affects the productivity of not only the plant, but the people operating and maintaining these plants as well.


In the past, the standard practice was to get rid of these coatings/ jammings through manual poking, or some other mechanical methods like vibrators. However, these ways and means lacked the effectiveness and efficiency, as well as were hazardous. Thus, these rudimentary methods were inadequate in solving the material build-up problem. MM Overseas’ MM Air Blaster systems came as blessing for the bulk material handling industry, which turned out to be a completely new and ingenious engineering solution to jamming/ choking problems. Air Blaster systems are not only safe and easy to maintain, but very rugged and reliable too, even over extended period of time. At the same time, these systems are extremely effective and efficient.
With immense experience in the domain, we are instrumental in offering a wide assortment of Industrial Air Blaster to our most valued clients. Our products are fabricated from quality raw material and that is procured from reliable vendors of the market.


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